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CODE.org Course I for 1st and 2nd graders

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This Spring 24 first and second graders joined Ms. Chapman after school for a special CODE.org Course I enrichment program. During the class the students made their way through the CODE.org Course I curriculum which teaches basic coding and computer programming skills. Joining Ms. Chapman were five student teachers who graduated from our CODE.org Course II and III classes earlier in the school year. These CODE superstars included Emily G from 5th grade, Devon K. and Josue R. from 4th grade, and Thalia M. and Stephanie L. from third grade. The class was great fun for everyone! Check back from more CODE.org opportunities with Ms. Chapman next year:


Fall: CODE.org Course II for 3rd-5th graders. (30 student max)

Winter: CODE.org Course III for 3rd-5th graders (open only to graduates of Course II)

Spring: CODE.org Course I for 1st-2nd graders (24 student max + 6 student assistants from Course III) 

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