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Robotics Club 2016

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This Spring 20 of our third, fourth, and fifth graders participated in our new "Robotics Club" taught by Mrs. Bento. Every Thursday for 5 weeks students would explore robotics, technology, and coding concepts with the simple task of "make something that does something." Students had the option of using Dash and Dot Robots, Cubelets, LEGO WeDo, or even LEGO Movie to make stop-motion films. Many students created short videos and movies of their experience using iMovie. Check out some of their great videos!


"Robotics Club 2016" by Itzeel - 5th grade [iMovie]

Robotics Club 2016 from Mandi de Witte on Vimeo.


"How to make mini robots" by Mike - 4th grade [iMovie]

How to make mini robots! from Mandi de Witte on Vimeo.



"Robot Life" by Jesse - 3rd grade [iMovie]

Robot Life from Mandi de Witte on Vimeo.


"Dinomania" by Evan - 5th grade [LEGO Movie App]

Dinomania from Mandi de Witte on Vimeo.

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