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New Bronco Cross Country Team

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After the amazing turnout at the Summerfest 3K last May, Will Rogers decided to start a brand new Cross Country team to compete in the Ventura County Cross Country League, and we now have over 70 third, fourth, and fifth grade students running this year! The boys and girls practice every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch, and compete in five different one-mile races against other elementary schools. The Cross Country team is coached by teachers Mandi de Witte, Robin Jacobs, and Claudia Escobedo Esquivel with help from many parent volunteers. So far it has been a great experience for our young student athletes! Check out race results here from Vendurance!


2015 Race Schedule. Girls race at 3:30, boys race at 3:45.

Dates (All races are on Fridays)


September 18th

Arroyo Verde Park

October 2nd


October 16th

Arroyo Verde Park     

October 30th

Camino Real Park

November 6th - Championships Race 

Arroyo Verde Park


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