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Earth Day 2015

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Although we celebrate our planet everyday at Will Rogers, Earth Day was an extra special day to celebrate environmental science! All first, third, and fifth grade classes went to the cafeteria for a special Harvest of the Month food tasting to celebrate the amazing fruits and vegetables our Earth provides us to eat. Seven classes participated in a special Earth Day Recycle Relay where students had to run in teams to correctly sort waste into Recycle, Trash, and Compost. At lunch, all K-5 students were invited to make a promise to the Earth and just "Do One Thing" to help the environment, called their "DOT. Each student wrote their DOT on a piece of paper and got to color a picture of the Earth and add it to the mural, now on display in the Cafeteria hallway. Other students also helped Mrs. Guzman pick up trash around school and in the habitat. It was a great day to celebrate our beautiful planet! 

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