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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Summer Session

Summer Session 2019

Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) is happy to announce that we are offering expanded Summer Session courses for high school students.  This program will now go beyond our usual credit remediation courses. Register today for our July 1-26, 2019 session.  Registration forms can be picked up at your school's counseling office or downloaded.  Please return these forms to your school's counseling office no later than May 3. 

As Ventura Education Partnership moves away from summer enrichment opportunities to focus on more educational opportunities during the school year, VUSD has partnered with Vista Real and Learn4Life to offer credited summer courses for current 8th-11th graders.

Summer Session Courses Available

Grab your friends (because everything is better with friends AND we must have at least 25 people in each class to make it happen) and signup for one of the following courses:

·         College & Career Seminar (must take with Health)image of student driver

·         Driver’s Education 

·         Ethnic and Social Justice Studies (semester course)

·         Health (must take with College & Career Seminar)

·         Introduction to Art (semester course)

·         Introduction to Computer Science (semester course)

·         Introduction to Filmmaking (semester course)

·         Introduction to Photography/Photoshop (semester course)

·         Introduction to Web Design (semester course)

·         Keyboarding (Typing)

·         SAT/ACT Prep

VUSD will also be offering our usual Credit/Grade Remediation courses including:

image up close of microscope·         Biology w/Earth Science P Semester 1 & 2

·         Chemistry P Semester 1 & 2

·         College & Career Seminar

·         Earth Science P Semester 1 & 2

·         English 9 P Semester 1 & 2

·         English 10 P Semester 1 & 2

·         English 11 P Semester 1 & 2

·         Health 

·         Math 1 Readiness Semester 1 & 2

·         Math 1 P Semester 1 & 2

·         Math 2 P Semester 1 & 2

·         Physical Education (PE)

·         US History P Semester 1 & 2 

·         World History P Semester 1 & 2

Three Great Reasons to Sign up for Summer Session

  1. Get out of the house, try something new and earn credit while doing it!
  2. Make room in your schedule for the fall by taking Career & College Seminar and Health this summer, opening up the opportunity to take additional electives or World Languages during the regular school year. We are offering Career & College Seminar online!
  3. Incoming freshmen, here is a tip for you… If you take either Introduction to Filmmaking, Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Photography/Photoshop or Introduction to Web Design this summer and pair that with your required Freshman College & Career Seminar class (that you will take in your first year) then you will have already completed your Applied Arts Graduation Requirement! 

How To Register

To register, download the registration form or pick one up from your school counseling office. Please fill out all pages, including the Vista Real (our Summer Session partner) paperwork and return it to your school counselor no later than May 3, 2019.  All credits will show on your high school transcript as of Sept. 1, 2019.

Important Information

  • For incoming 9th grade students (current 8th grade), if you are planning on taking College & Career Seminar and Health during Summer Session, you must  complete both over summer. If one is missing, student will be enrolled in both as a freshman (except Foothill Technology High School- see note below).
  • Incoming 9th grade Foothill Technology High School students take only Health in the summer; they may not take College & Career Seminar.
  •  Online/independent study options require weekly face-to-face meetings with a teacher.

All above course offerings are pending sufficient enrollment. We must have 25 students enrolled to offer a course. 

Not all courses will be offered at all high school locations/sites.

Nothing Here Looks Interesting

If you do not see a course that interests you, please take a moment to take our two question survey to provide feedback on the topic/subject you would like to see offered at  If we receive enough interest on a particular topic, we may be able to add a course for this summer. If not, we will consider it for next year's summer school. 

What About Middle School Students?

8th graders going into high school in the fall can take advantage of all of our high school summer offerings!  Simply go to your school's counseling office and pick up an application.  For current 6 & 7 graders, we are not offering any middle school options for Summer Session 2019. However, we are working on it for next summer and we will keep you posted.


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