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Complaint Procedures

Guided by our Vision, Mission and Governing Principles, we desire to provide an exemplary educational experience for all of our students. If the community we serve ever notices we are falling short of the high standards we have set for ourselves, we welcome your input.

As you consider the nature of your complaint, we always recommend you seek resolution at the lowest possible level before proceeding through the formal complaint procedures. That said, we understand there are times when the situation may warrant the use of an appropriate complaint forms and documents. To assist you, we have provided the forms below.

Complaint Forms
  VUSD Complaint Form - ENGLISH
  VUSD Complaint Form - SPANISH
  VUSD Parent Complaint Process Steps
  VUSD UCP Form Addendum
  Williams Complaint - 1312.4 Exhibit 1 (K-12 Complaint Rights)
  Williams Complaint - 1312.4 Exhibit 2 (K-12 Complaint Form)
  Williams Complaint - 1312.4 Exhibit 3 (Preschool Complaint Rights)
  Williams Complaint - Administrative Regulation 1312.4
  Uniform Complaint Procedure - Board Policy 1312.3
  Uniform Complaint Procedure - Administrative Regulations 1312.3
  Uniform Complaint Procedures 1312.3 Exhibit 1 (Preschool Complaint Rights)
  Uniform Complaint Procedures 1312.3 Exhibit 2 (Preschool Complaint Form)
  Complaints Against School District Personnel - Board Policy 1312.1
  Complaints Against School District Personnel - Regulation 1312.1