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VUSD/VUEA and VESPA Negotiations 2023-24

All Ventura Unified School District's (VUSD) educational community members are respected and valued by our administration, students, and families. VUSD's ability to recruit and retain highly qualified and motivated individuals (many of whom are our VUSD graduates) directly impacts the students in our schools. We are vested in maintaining a dedicated and talented workforce of educators and support professionals, and we appreciate that the Ventura Unified Education Association (VUEA) and the Ventura Education Support Professionals Association (VESPA) are just as dedicated to the future success of our students.  

Each year the budget must receive a positive certification by the Ventura County Office of Education. Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) is required, by the state, to account for the next three years when negotiating. When we negotiate this year, we must do so planning through the 2025-26 year. 

VUSD is significantly impacted by several years of declining enrollment. We are funded based on the number of students enrolled and attendance. 


2023-24 Negotiations Updates

2023-24 FAQs

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