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How to Object to Statewide Student Data Release 

A recent lawsuit against the California Department of Education (CDE) is impacting all public schools across the state, including those operated by the Ventura Unified School District.

In April 2012, two organizations, the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association and the Concerned Parent Association, filed a lawsuit against CDE regarding compliance with special education laws. As a part of this lawsuit, the United States District Court ordered CDE to release all data it has collected on general and special education students statewide since Jan. 1, 2008 to attorneys for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. No data is being released to the public and extensive precautions are in place to keep the data secure. Additionally, the parties are required to either return or destroy the data at the conclusion of the lawsuit.

VUSD schools were not involved in the lawsuit and are not the subject of any of the suit's allegations. VUSD will not be disclosing any student data.

Parents and guardians who want to object to CDE's release of their child’s data to the plaintiffs' attorneys may do so by submitting a form by mail prior to April 1, 2016. Links to the form and additional information about this case are on the district and individual school web sites.

§  Data Release Objection Form: English | Español

§  Court Notice About Disclosure of Student Records: English | Español

§  Statement from State Superintendent of Schools

§  CDE Web Page on the Lawsuit


School Parent Involvement Policy

Sheridan Way School will follow the guidelines developed with parent input as listed below in accordance with the no Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This policy will be distributed to parents of students participating in the Title I program and will be updated periodically.

Policy Guidelines

  •    Convene an annual meeting to explain Title I Program Description, school parent involvement policy, and the rights of parents of program participants
  •    Involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way to plan, review and improve planning and policy documents such as:
  •    Single plan for student achievement
  •    School-Parent Compact, a written agreement of what schools and parents are each supposed to do to help students achieve
  •    Plans for training school staff on how to strengthen ties between home and school
  •    Provide parents of participating students with:
  •   Opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions, share experiences with other parents, and participate as appropriate in decisions relating to the education of their children if parents express an interest in doing so
  •   Timely responses to suggestions
  •   Description and explanation of curriculum to be used
  •   The forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress
  •   Proficiency levels that students are expected to meet
  •   Materials and training on how to improve their child's achievement
  •   Family Center information on classes, programs, and resources
  •   Monthly calendars
  •   Information sent home in English and Spanish
  •   Coordinate and integrate, as appropriate, parent involvement with JumpStart and other public preschool programs
  •   Develop appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses and encourage partnerships with Sheridan Way
  •   Offer a flexible schedule of meetings that is convenient to parents and provide child care
  •   Provide other reasonable support for parental involvement at parents' request



Documents and Information

Title I Informational Meeting.pdf


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