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Ventura Cheers for Children

The Ventura Cheers for Children campaign seeks to help children and families of VUSD. Cheers for Children began in 1952 when a couple of caring teachers and an administrator identified a student and his family in need of food over the holidays. This year we are celebrating our 71st year helping VUSD families in need. Cheers for Children has grown to a community campaign to assist VUSD families over the holidays and additional needs throughout the year. We would very much appreciate your support and donations to this one District effort, which is directed at providing goodwill to our students and families.

Donations electronically through Venmo @VenturaCheersForChildren (Last 4 digits of phone number for confirmation is "6371") making it an easy and accessible way to participate. However, checks and cash are still accepted. Checks should be made out to Ventura Cheers for Children and may be given to your school office, who will then forward the donations to my office or they can be mailed directly to VUSD c/o Ventura Cheers for Children. In the spirit of friendly competition, you can designate your donation to support a specific school’s fundraising efforts by mentioning the school’s name in the memo section of Venmo or your check.  (Tax ID# 85-3477549).

If you have any questions regarding this year’s Ventura Cheers for Children campaign, please contact Rose Ramirez at 641-5000 x 1009, Amy Dahm at x 1014, or e-mail 

Thank you in advance for helping to make this season a happy one for those less fortunate!

Happy Holidays! 


Superintendent, Dr. Antonio Castro
Ventura Cheers for Children Chairperson

Education Service Center
c/o Dr. Antonio Castro, Superintendent
255 West Stanley Avenue, Suite 100
Ventura, CA, 93001