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Multilingual Multicultural Education

The VUSD Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department supports programs that prepare Multilingual Learners at all grade levels for college and career success.  Department staff supports Multilingual Learner identification, parent notification, annual assessment routines, reclassification procedures and compliance monitoring. 

Program models offered for Multilingual Learners in VUSD include Structured English Immersion, English Language Mainstream, and Dual Language Programs.  The department supports program design, planning and articulation, professional development, curriculum selection, program evaluation, parent involvement, management of fiscal resources, and community awareness. 

Migrant Education student services are provided to eligible students and families as part of the Multilingual and Multicultural Department.  

The Multilingual and Multicultural Department supports world language instruction and multilingualism in VUSD schools through course development, curriculum selection, and professional development.

VUSD promotes and celebrates multilingualism with the VUSD Multilingual Recognition Seal and the California State Seal of Biliteracy.  The Department assists schools in providing this recognition for graduating seniors each year. 

District translation support is offered through the Multilingual and Multicultural Department and by staff at many schools. 

VUSD collaborates with the Mexican Secretary of Public Education to provide educational opportunities at our Plaza Comunitaria located at Sheridan Way School. 

The VUSD Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department also supports programs and curriculum TK-12 that honor the diverse identities and community cultural wealth all our students bring. The goal is for all students in VUSD to feel safe, valued, nurtured and loved.