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General Information

Your son or daughter will have a unique opportunity to attend the "Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School” located in Malibu.  Students spend four days and three nights with participants from other schools and learn how to build a new sense of community by living in cabin groups together, hiking together, learning together, and eating together as a family. There will be team building, special activities, campfires, and so much more!

Tuesday-Friday, January 16-January 19, 2018


Spring 2017 Fundraising for 2017-2018 school year begins

Outdoor Ed Information Packets come home |  
08/31/2017 Initial Parent Information Meeting
09/08/2017 Early Bird ( $295 ) Due Date |
Installment #1 ( $105 ) Due Date
10/09/2017 Installment #2 ( $105 ) Due Date
11/09/2017 Installment #3 ( $105 ) Due Date
11/09/2017 Flat Rate ( $330 ) Due Date

Outdoor Permission Slips, Information & Receipts at conference 
Outdoor School Parent Handbooks in December  (English) | (Español)

Turn in final paperwork and contributions for OE trip
  5th Grade Trip to L.A. County Outdoor Science School, Jan. 16 - Jan. 19, 2018

You may contact Tara Rosenthal and Christin Nagle to arrange an appointment for credit card payment.

Payment by check (payable to: Poinsettia PTO) is also welcome.  Cash is accepted if you leave it with the office manager in the front office of the school.

Following the last due date, Tara and Christin will create and distribute Poinsettia PTO receipts for another round of contributions.

Poinsettia PTO 501(c)(3) # 95 - 3660792

Fundraising Events

We hope you agree that this is a special opportunity for all of our students at Poinsettia. There are different ways that we can raise the funds together, as a team, to see that every student has the opportunity to participate.  At Poinsettia we believe in the principle that “ALL students attend, with no student left behind”.  Through parent donations towards the full trip cost, to encouraging friends and family to participate in fundraisers, to volunteering to work at a fundraiser, to soliciting donations of items or money for events, we can work together to make this endeavor successful.

Fundraising requires A LOT of help. We must have a solid committee of parent helpers, so please contact Tara Rosenthal or Christin Nagle, PoinsettiaOutdoorEd@gmail.com.  

  • Dining with Lions Coordinator, Jenn Cooke
  • Movie Night Coordinator, 
  • School Dance Coordinator
  • Poinsettia Plant Sale Coordinator, Conni Carr ( @ Foothill Tech HS )

If you would like to help fundraise and earn credit towards the approximate $330.00 cost, please sign up for 
one or more of the fundraising events.

We need volunteers for the events listed above. Please contact PoinsettiaOutdoorEd@gmail.com to sign up to assist in planning, set up, supervision and/or clean up.


The cost of outdoor ed is approximately $330.00 per student.  This expense includes per student tuition for the L.A. Co. Outdoor Science School at Malibu, bus transportation to and from Malibu, volunteer cabin leader appreciation, and teacher substitute expenses.

Together, the Poinsettia Class of 2018 must raise/donate approximately $27,000.

 Tuition for 80 Students $ 23,040.00                   Current OE Budget Sheet  
 Transportation $   1,800.00    Monies Needed to Cover Costs $ 26,540.00 
 Substitutes $   1,500.00    Money Raised Through   $  
 Cabin Leaders $      200.00    Balance Remaining To Earn/Collect $  
 Estimated Total $ 26,540.00    Percent of Budget Achieved   %

The contribution opportunities for Outdoor Ed are as follows:

Early Bird, Paid-in-Full
Due: September 8, 2017
 $ 295.00   
Installments, (3) $ 105
Due: Sept. 8, Oct. 8, Nov. 8, 2017
 $ 315.00   
Regular, Paid-in-Full
Due: November 8, 2017
 $ 330.00   

Fundraising, Fundraising, and More Fundraising:  There will be many fundraising opportunities to help us raise the funds.  Some of those opportunities are: Movie Nights, School Dances, Dining with Lions, Poinsettia Plant Sale and more!  Please help support your school and Outdoor Ed by participating in all of the events.  Every little bit helps!

Soliciting DonorsIt is believed that heart felt letters written by the students speak volumes. One project the students will be doing is writing letters to employers, churches, friends, family, and local entities to gain sponsors.  Please help your student identify potential donors that would be touched and willing to support your student and the Outdoor Ed program.  For example, Amgen will match dollar for dollar for their employee’s students.  We encourage your family to explore this option with friends, family and employers.

Contact Information

Contact PoinsettiaOutdoorEd@gmail.com for information on fundraising opportunities & Outdoor Education general information.