Fundraising: Scrip

Use Scrip to make purchases on things you already buy and at places you already go

Purchase scrip (gift cards in varying amounts) through Poinsettia's Scrip program and a percentage of your purchase goes directly to Poinsettia classrooms.

From local businesses to national chain stores, we have scrip for anything and everything.

Purchase cards for grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, specialty is an easy way to make sure that your money works for you twice by guaranteeing that a portion of your regular day-to-day spending benefits your child's school. Think about purchasing gift cards via the Scrip program for any occasion from birthdays to the holidays, from helping families in need to donating to your student's classroom!

You can place an order for specific types of scrip in the amounts of your choice using the order form. In addition, as the year goes on, I often have a varying amount of Scrip on-hand. I will post on-hand quantities below from time to time. If you are interested in buying any of the scrip listed below, please let me know and make your check out to "Poinsettia Scrip"

~Marcia Moran,

Scrip Order Form