Pierpont Elementary School


(805) 641-5470
1254 Martha's Vineyard Court
Ventura, CA 93001


Traffic Pattern From Pierpont Blvd., enter on Martha's Vineyard   and drive around  the cul-de-sac to New Bedford prior to stopping in the yellow zone on New Bedford for drop-off or pick-up.       

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 Drop-off & Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up ONLY in the yellow area on New Bedford Court. Pull up to the front of the yellow curb for drop-off and pick-up. Please stay in your car and do not wait in this yellow area for more than 3 minutes.

Your child should NOT need to cross the street after being dropped off.


Space is tight at Pierpont.  There is not front space parking for all of our families.  If you want to park and escort your kids you may need to walk. If you want to park and walk in:

  • Come early.
  • Park legally and check city parking signs and / or curb paintings.
  • Park on Pierpont Blvd and walk.
  • Park on Peninsula St. and walk.
  • Park in the LIMITED spaces across the street from the school with white curbs.
  • Do not block the gates or driveways of our neighbors.
  • Leave staff parking and handicapped parking for those it is intended for.
  • Support the crossing guard.
 Safe Walking Routes  Please click here for safe walking routes to Pierpont  
Campus Map Click here to view our campus map.