Pierpont Elementary School


(805) 641-5470
1254 Martha's Vineyard Court
Ventura, CA 93001



Pierpont Elementary- Vision Statement

Pierpont School supports a safe, wholesome, stimulating and productive learning environment which is conducive to the academic achievement and the personal growth of children at different levels of development. The curriculum is standards-based with an emphasis on math, science, and language arts. We believe children learn best through integrated "hands-on, minds-on" activities and projects that allow for observation, questioning, exploration, communication, prediction, discovery and application to the real world. Our stimulating learning environment nurtures cooperation, responsibility, problem solving, and a sense of self. Responsible parents, children, teachers, and the community form a partnership to encourage character development, relationships and a love for learning.

Meet Our AdministrativeTeam

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Sally Hernandez

Administrative Assistant