Our vision at E.P. Foster Elementary School STEM Academy is to provide students with a safe, nurturing learning environment and the opportunity to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and math as they achieve grade level standards and as a pathway to their future careers.




Teach, model, and reinforce the language, life skills and promises of Lesson One that contribute to our positive school climate.

Communicate progress regularly with students and parents.

Offer continuous opportunities for students to interact and partner with institutions of higher education and STEM related community partners, exposing them to real-world applications and experiences.

Work as collaborative teams consistently and effectively to maximize student achievement.

Participate in on-going professional development based on educational best practices and current research to meet the diverse needs of our students.


Internalize the language, life skills, and promises of Lesson One that contribute to our positive school climate.

Receive recognition for their efforts and achievement in multiple venues.

Engage in a variety of academic learning experiences that incorporate STEM and contribute to their readiness for participation in a global community.

Participate, reflect, and identify areas of progress and challenge through a variety of assessments.

Have opportunities for multiple types of intervention and acceleration when additional support needs are identified and make the most of every opportunity.

Demonstrate proficiency to successfully enter, participate, and complete secondary and higher education STEM pathways.


Support their children in multiple ways including asset building, regular school attendance, and advocacy of school programs to ensure their children succeed.

Participate in decision-making as members of parent-school organizations or committees and provide input/feedback in an on-going manner.

Increase their knowledge of student expectations and teaching strategies through school newsletters, special school events, and regular communication with staff.