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Schools of Choice

Choosing Your Child's School

When it comes to delivering an education that prepares students for a future in the world today, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Students must be able to think critically, approach problem-solving with agility and creativity, be open to exploration, and adapt to new ideas and pathways they will invariably encounter throughout their lives. 

At Ventura Unified School District, we cultivate a wealth of diverse academic programs so every student in our community has the chance to explore and engage with a learning environment that not only challenges them academically, but also promotes their growth as people, scholars, and citizens of the world, in an open and positive environment.

Our passion is to help the children in our schools find their passion—academically and personally—believing that each and every student has a brilliant future ahead of them. It is with this commitment, we offer the following options for choosing your child's school:

Enrolling in your residential boundary neighborhood school

This is an excellent option as all our schools are staffed with exemplary teachers and amazing support staff. Pay a visit to your neighborhood school and you will see rigorous and relevant academics that challenge each student. To discover which neighborhood school is in your boundary, visit MySchoolLocator.

Schools of Choice (SOC)

For SOC 2024-2025, the application window will be:  November 7 - december 1, 2023

Schools of Choice (SOC) is the process Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) uses to give parents who reside within the VUSD boundary a choice to select a school within VUSD that they feel will most benefit their child.  Schools and programs are identified based on space availability for additional students.  SOC online applications are selected for approval via a random and unbiased lottery.  Online applications are not selected on a first come-first served basis.  The online application window for the 2024-2025 school year is November 7 - December 1, 2023 at 4 pm.  Should you miss applying during these dates,  and if you live within the VUSD boundary area,  you may submit an intradistrict transfer to a school other than your home boundary school.

Please note that SOC for Transitional Kindergarten is for the TK grade level year only. Enrollment for Kindergarten will revert back to the boundary school. Families wishing their child continue at the current site as their TK placement, must re-apply through SOC or by intradistrict transfer as space allows. Transfer will be considered after a SOC list is exhausted.


Transferring Options

Submitting an Intradistrict Transfer

This is an option for families residing within the VUSD boundary and requesting their child attend a school other than their boundary/neighborhood school. 

Submitting an Interdistrict Transfer

This is an option for families requesting their child attend school in a different school district, incoming or exiting VUSD.