Elmhurst Elementary School

 5080 Elmhurst Street :: Ventura, CA  93003

 Phone: 805.289.1860  FAX: 805.289.1865



Annual fundraising conducted by the Elmhurst PSFO support the following programs:
  • Monthly Awards Assemblies
  • Cultural Arts
  • Field trips and additional classroom supplies
  • Special events

While participation in any fundraising event is strictly optional, the PSFO hopes this list is helpful in finding a program that suits your family.

The major fund-raisers are:

Elmhurst Ninja Warrior: This year our goal is $20,000. 


Scholastic Book Fair:  Quality children's books will be on sale to students and parents during and after school.

E-Scrip:  Details coming soon.
Flat Donations:  Some parents opt to donate a flat amount in lieu of participating in fundraisers.  Suggested donation amount is $75.00 per child attending Elmhurst.  (Any amount is appreciated)

Other ongoing fund-raising includes:

General Mills Box Tops for Education:  Earn cash for our school by simply cutting off specially marked box tops from General Mills products already in your cupboard.  General Mills pays 10 cents for cereal box tops and 15 cents for Yoplait yogurt multipack, Fruit rollups, granola and other products.  
Personal Donations: Our teachers and office staff are in constant need of supplies.  Reams of paper, pencils, pens, glue sticks, tissue/kleenex, are just some of our many needs.  Please be sure to check with your child's teacher for his or her needs.

Remember that the safety of your children is our main concern.  Do not allow your child to go door-to-door unsupervised.  Ask people you know to help support our school.  If you feel more comfortable supporting our school by giving a cash donation, please feel free to do so.