Elmhurst Elementary School

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A message from the Principal

Welcome to a new year at Elmhurst! 

September 2020


We have been busily working to prepare for this unusual school year, and anticipate it with excitement, as well as some trepidation.

You will notice many changes at Elmhurst this year in the way we meet our student and family needs. Please know that we are committed to do our very best to help you in any way we can. Let us know how we can help!

Please welcome the following additions/changes to our team:


Ms. Ariana Guerrero

SLI Teacher grades TK/K

Ms. Tomalyn Carey

SLI Teacher grades 2-3

Mrs. Jessica Mehle

Transitional Kindergarten

Mrs.  Sara  Small

       Grade  1

Mrs. Stephanie Venezia

Grade K/1

Mrs. Melissa Miller

Grade 5

Eva Cherrie

       Grade 3

Ms. Grace Papp

Resource Specialist

        Mr. Jose Ayala

Day Custodian



We are making changes in our Intervention program, have a newly resurfaced playground, and will be focusing on Social Emotional Learning, as well as continuing with our AVID curriculum.


Our Parent, Staff, & Friends Organization (PSFO) will be led by Jenna Kendzior, and will continue to support our staff and students. They will be reaching out to you in the near future to offer opportunities for you to join in the fun as we continue to work on beautifying our school. During this unique year with fundraising being especially challenging and resources tight, the PSFO will be organizing monthly "Dine Outs" while trying to focus on ways to bring our Elmhurst community together in solidarity and fun through social distancing.


I have attached some tips to help your child/children have a successful year. While some of it applies to attending class on campus, most of it is universal for academic and social/emotional health and success. We are in this together ( while you may be tired of hearing this phrase, this has been on our website since last year, and it still stands true), so please let us know how we can help.


In Partnership,

Deanna Baczek Principal

Elmhurst Elementary School

School Success


Parents and educators want their students to have success at school. There are many ways that we can help our young ones find this success, but the first, and possibly most important way to help them is to ensure that they are at school, on time, every day. School attendance matters. It is arguably one of the most important indicators of school success. Students cannot learn what they are not there to learn. Poor attendance is directly tied to significant learning gaps and can lead to student frustration. Poor attendance is a key factor in students dropping out of school. A student who misses 10 days a year will have missed nearly an entire year of their education by high school graduation day. Additionally, habits are created for life, arriving at school on time every day is a habit that translates to a good education.


If your child has a fever or is clearly not well, please keep them home and call or email the school to report their absence. 24 hour voicemail: 805-289-1860 / elmhurstattendance@venturausd.org


Staying in contact with your child's teacher is another way to ensure that your child is prepared for school each day and is aware of what is coming up. Parent-teacher conferences are important meetings to ensure that you are aware of what is going on in your child's school life, and how you can partner with the school to ensure success.


Attending school activities/events also allows parents an opportunity to connect with other families & school staff, as well as show your children that you value their education and are interested in what they do every day. It often offers an opportunity for you to see what their daily routine is like and allows you to better understand the stories that they share at the end of each day. There are a number of other ways that you can become involved in school such as; attending field trips, help in the classroom, the library or with a Parent Staff Friends Organization (PSFO) activity. The PSFO will be sending home information on how to be involved, or you can contact them at elmhurstpsfo@gmail.com.


Talk with your child every day to see how they are feeling both physically and emotionally, and let the school know if there is any way we can help. We have trained support personnel that are ready & willing to help your child. Sharing what they have learned allows children to process what they've learned and make deeper connections. Remember to praise effort and recognize improvement. We focus on having a growth mind-set at Elmhurst. .. 'we don ' t know 'YET but we're going to keep trying because working hard helps our brain to grow".


Ensuring that your child eats healthy meals, and has a regular bedtime also contributes to their success. (It also makes morning routines and getting to school on time easier!) Your child can eat both breakfast and lunch at school, and if you qualify, there will be no cost, or a reduced cost, so please be sure to fill out the paperwork sent home and return it asap, or go online to complete your registration.


Elementary school is when students learn many skills that will impact their future. Helping your child to stay organized will create a positive habit for life. We have purchased a green folder for each student with sides labeled with what needs to go home and what needs to be returned. Please look in these folders every evening to ensure homework is completed and so you can read any communication that is sent home.


Speaking of reading . ..a child that reads every night will increase their vocabulary, comprehension and love of reading, as well as open the door to acquiring knowledge: learn to read, and you can read to learn just about anything!


Let's partner to make this a powerful year of learning. We all have the same goal.