Elmhurst Elementary School

 5080 Elmhurst Street :: Ventura, CA  93003

 Phone: 805.289.1860  FAX: 805.289.1865

A message from the Principal

August 2017

Hello Elmhurst community, and welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

My name is Deanna Baczek and I am the newly appointed principal at Elmhurst Elementary School.  I am thrilled to be here! By the time you receive this letter, I will have just completed my second week at Elmhurst, but please don't let the short time span alarm you.  It has been a very busy, productive two weeks. 

This will be my 21st year as a VUSD educator.  I have worked with students ranging from age two through adults, and have spent the previous 17 years as a teacher (11 years) and administrator (assistant principal for 6 years) at Balboa Middle School.  I chose to come to Elmhurst, and I am so happy that I did!  We have an excellent staff that is eager to welcome and teach your children.  We realize that students have but one year to get everything that they need for their future academic success, so that is why we count on you to be our partner in education.

There are so many ways that you can make a difference in your child's success:

Read to your child-Not only is it quality time together, but you will be expanding their vocabulary and modeling the love of reading.

Make attendance and timeless a priority-When students are absent from school, they miss a learning opportunity.  When they return from being out, they have to work harder to "make up" for those lost minutes. The same is true for tardiness and appointments scheduled during the school day.  We understand that occasionally we all get sick, and at that time, we want our students to stay home and rest, but if they are able to be here, please be sure that they attend.  Students that must be absent will have an opportunity to reclaim their learning minutes via Saturday Attendance Academies.  Please remember that we have minimum days on Fridays, so that would be an excellent time to schedule any dentist appointments, etc.

Get involved-There are a number of ways that you can actively participate at Elmhurst.  The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meets monthly, has open positions, and would welcome your participation.  the School Site Council (SSC) is in need of a few parent volunteers to assist with budget and safety plan approvals.  Classroom teachers love to have adults volunteer in the classroom doing things such as reading to students, assisting with groups, correcting papers, playing games in PE, etc.  Meet with our librarian to schedule time to read to students.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please ask.

We have high expectations for our students at Elmhurst.  Our guidelines for success ensure that our students will SOAR: Strive for Success, Own It-Be Responsible, Act Safely, Respect Myself and Others.  We believe that all our students will SOAR to success at Elmhurst!


Deanna Baczek


Elmhurst Elementary School