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Home Drug Testing

Ventura Community Partnership for Youth Collaborative Parental Guide to Home Drug Testing

1.  Call your family physician to schedule a test.
2.  Call the Action Program at 1-800-367-8336 for an assessment that will include a drug test.
3.  Obtain a drug testing kit on your own* from any pharmacy.
* Home tests can work if directions are closely followed, and the student is observed while the sample is taken, and the student is not aware ahead of time that the sample will be taken.  The most accurate tests are those that include laboratory verification.

8 Reasons Why Teen Drug Intervention Fails:     
1.  Parental DENIAL that a problem exists.
2.  Waiting too long to identify the problem.
3.  False belief that time will "cure" the problem.
4.  False belief that it is "normal" and "harmless" for teens to use drugs.
5.  Disregard for keeping scheduled appointments.
6.  Counseling that is NOT based on specific, identified problems linked to chemical use.
7.  Ignoring scientific evidence that addiction is a chronic, relapsing and treatable disease.
8.  Lack of commitment to long term care and follow-up.

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