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Intradistrict Transfers

Intradistrict Transfers

Intradistrict transfers are required when a student who resides within Ventura Unified School District boundaries wishes to attend a school other than his home school of residence.  

Elementary School Grades K-5 Intradistrict Transfers:  (within VUSD)

The parent may obtain the Intradistrict Transfer request at an VUSD elementary school.  Once completed it is submitted to the home school principal for approval.  If approved, the parent must then contact the principal of the desired school for final approval.

Form »  Elementary Grades K-5 Intradistrict Transfer Request

Schools will begin issuing Releases as early as April 13, 2021.


Secondary Schools Grades 6-12 Intradistrict Transfers:  (within VUSD)

The parent should obtain an Intradistrict Transfer Form.  It is then submitted to the Student Support Services' office for final disposition.  

NOTE:   Schools of Choice lottery lists take precedence over transfer requests received thereafter.

Form »  Secondary Grades 6-12 Intradistrict Transfer Request

Student Support Services will begin accepting these transfers as of March 1, 2021.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Permit is valid only for the school year granted and must be renewed yearly.
  • Permit may be revoked for unsatisfactory attendance, academic performance, and/or behavior.
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Student athletes transferring from one high school to another without a bona fide change of address may be restricted from varsity level competition in the same sport that they competed in their previous school for a period of one calendar year.  (C.I.F. Rule 214)
  • Permit may be revoked or denied for providing false or misleading information.
Form »
Form »


Schools will begin issuing Releases as early as April 9, 2019.


Schools will begin issuing Releases as early as April 9, 2019.
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