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How would a student benefit from the program?

The main focus of this program is to encourage all students of American Indian descent to finish high school. The reason Indian Education was implemented was to reduce the high drop-out rate among Native Americans throughout the United States.

Students of American Indian descent will receive counseling in career and post secondary education beginning in the ninth grade through graduation. The students receive instruction regarding grade-level course selections, personal and Indian cultural guidance, and development of a positive attitude toward achieving short- and long-term goals.

The program also provides students with information regarding foundations, grants and scholarships, as well as other financial aids, to assist them entering in vocational and/or technical trade schools, community colleges, and selected private universities, state universities, and state colleges.

An annual College and Career Motivational Workshop or meeting, which all of our juniors and seniors attend, enables each student to explore various careers, meet college and university personnel, and find out about other work areas available to them. Information on scholarships, grants, and financial aid is presented to students. 

During the past 41 years that this program has been serving Indian students in the Ventura Unified School District, we have had a less than 1% drop-out rate. We will continue providing the same level of services to each student throughout the school districts in the consortium's service area.
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