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What services are available for students?

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 Services available to students are presented in grade-level increments.

The program is divided into elementary programs for grades K through 6, middle and junior high programs for grades 6 through 9, and high school level programs for grades 9 through 12.

Elementary Level - Grades K - 6
  1. Indian studies lessons. Indian studies and reading improvement program for all elementary students.
  2. Diagnosis. Early diagnosis and prescription in the area of basic skills.
  3. Basic skills. Each school district's basic skills program is utilized to meet the special needs of Indian children.


Middle and Junior High School Level - Grades 6 - 9
  1. Counseling. Special counseling for those students who need to build a feeling of self-worth, individual pride and a positive attitude toward themselves and others.
  2. Basic skills. Additional assistance in the basic skills areas of language, reading and mathematics.


High School Level - Grades 9 - 12           
  1. Counseling. Academic and career counseling regarding Indian scholarship information and grant applications. Career development activities are conducted by the Indian Education counselors to assist students with their academic courses and post-education plans.
  2. Basic skills. Early diagnosis and prescription in the areas of basic skills.
  3. Cultural History. Student profiles for those students needing special cultural assistance to gain a better understanding in such areas as individual tribal history and history of other tribes.


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