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Family Life Instruction

Parental notification is required before sex education topics can be discussed in the classroom. Parents are to be given the opportunity to preview materials to be used and to deny permission for their child to participate if they so choose. During the month of January, parents/guardians of 5th grade students have the opportunity to attend one of three presentations given at various schools on different evenings. Childcare and a Spanish interpreter are provided at all three sessions.  If a parent is unable to attend any of these presentations, the parent may contact the teacher to arrange to view the materials at the school site.  Parents/guardians of 7th-12th grade students may contact their child's health teacher.     

The approach to family life education is to provide information and an outline that can encourage young people and their families to engage, together, in a meaningful discussion of the physical changes related to maturation, a discussion of the basics of reproductive physiology, as well as a discussion of the social roles and responsibilities related to growth, maturation, and sexuality. A major emphasis of the family life education program is to provide reinforcement for young people in their decision not to become prematurely sexually active and to increase communication between teenagers and their parents.


  • Learn to communicate well and express self clearly
  • Learn to deal with emotions
  • Develop healthy relationships with parents, family members, and peers
  • Develop basic concepts of social and physical reality
  • Learn the difference between right and wrong and become more responsible for own actions
  • Develop age-appropriate physical skills and abilities
  • Develop competence in handling a variety of situations, including potentially dangerous ones
  • Develop good eating habits
  • Master toilet training
  • Acquire sexual modesty and learn differences between the sexes
School Age
  • Develop a healthy attitude about self
  • Learn to deal with emotions, feelings, impulse
  • Understand and accept sex role and identity
  • Redefine conscience, morality, and value system
  • Develop loyalties and sense of duty beyond self and not limited to the present
  • Learn to get along with adults and peers
  • Become cooperating member of family
  • Acquire developmentally appropriate physical and self-help skills
  • Learn how to tell time and use money
  • Acquire concepts necessary for everyday living

  • Accept one's maturing body and learn to function effectively in a variety of situations requiring physical competence and skill
  • Achieve satisfaction and confidence in a socially accepted sex role
  • Develop mature social skills and relationships with peers and find identity as a member of one's own generation
  • Achieve maturity of emotional independence of parents and other adults
  • Select and prepare for an occupation which will provide economic independence
  • Prepare to assume responsibilities of marriage and family life
  • Acquire knowledge and social awareness necessary for living in the modern world
  • Develop a workable set of values, ethics, and standards



 Sexual Health and HIV-AIDS Prevention Instruction BP and AR 6142.1

AIDS Prevention Instruction BP and AR 6142.2

Controversial Issues BP and AR 6144

Parent Rights and Responsibilities BP and AR 5020



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