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Occupational Therapy
Services to improve a student's educational performance including postural stability, self-help abilities, sensory processing and organization, environmental adaptations, use of assistive devices, motor planning and coordination, visual perception and integration, social and play abilities, and fine motor abilities. Both direct and indirect services may be provided in a group or on an individual basis.

Speech and Language Therapy
Remedial intervention for eligible individuals with difficulty understanding or using spoken language. Services may include specialized instruction and services and consultation. They may be direct or indirect including the use of a speech consultant.

Vision and Mobility Therapy
Training for students with visual impairments to develop skills to enable them to travel safely and independently around the school and in the community.

Adaptive Physical Education
Direct physical education services provided by an adapted physical education specialist to pupils who have needs that cannot be adequately satisfied in other physical education programs and who may not safely, successfully or meaningfully engage in unrestricted participation in the vigorous activities of the general or modified physical education program.

Intensive Behavior Intervention Services
Systematic implementation of procedures designed to promote lasting, positive changes in the student's behavior.
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