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Services for Children Birth to Three

Infant Program
The Infant Program serves infants and toddlers (birth to three) with low incidence disabilities (young children with vision, hearing, or muscle disorders). Two Early Childhood Special Educators, a Speech Language Pathologist, and an Occupational Therapist provide services to young children throughout Western Ventura County that include family education and therapy through home visits and play groups. The specialists work in conjunction with Tri Counties Regional Center through the California Early Start Program.

Services for Children Three to Five

Kids' Korner Speech/Language Therapy Playgroup
Kids' Korner is a language-based play group that serves children with mild to moderate delays in the areas of communication.  Children in this program have more needs than can be met with speech/language therapy alone.  They typically have a delay in sensory/movement, self-help, social/emotional, and/or pre-academic skills. There are two play groups at the Early Intervention Center-Saticoy Elementary School site.  Each group meets two times a week for two hours. There are approximately eight to ten children in each group. The support staff includes a preschool specialist/speech language therapist, a speech language pathologist assistant (SLPA), occupational therapist and assistant, paraeducator, school nurse, and program specialist/school psychologist. Vision, mobility, and hearing specialists are available as needed. Children participating in Kids' Korner often attend community preschools in addition to their Kids' Korner program.

Kids' Korner sessions include typical preschool activities such as circle time, centers for specific skill practice and independent choice, along with outdoor play. Specific skill practice typically includes speech therapy (one to three children in a group twice per week) and occupational therapy (approximately four children in a group one time per week).

Small Group Classes - Mild to Moderate
We have three intensive small group classes on the Saticoy Elementary School Early Intervention site, and one class at Sunset Elementary School. These classes are designed for students with moderate to severe impairments in one or more of the following areas: communication, movement, pre-academic/cognitive, social/emotional, and self-help skills. These classes are non-categorical, meaning that the children have a variety of different disabilities, such as Speech/Language Impairment, Autism, or Intellectual Disability.  Children attend up to five days, depending on their age and individual needs. An extended school year is available to children who need it in these small group classes. The classes are serviced by a program specialist/school psychologist, speech language pathologists, occupational therapist and/or OT assistant (COTA), adaptive physical education teacher, school nurse, certificated teacher, and paraeducators.  Vision and mobility specialitsts are available as needed.

Our small group classes provide a stimulating environment for our children. The day includes activity based, child-directed play, and centers such as art, sensory, fine motor, blocks, dramatic play, and individual work tasks. The children also participate in a circle time language group, which includes songs, stories and reading/math readiness. They participate in outdoor activities, teacher directed activities, and snack. Adapted Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language services are incorporated into the program as well. A classroom schedule is posted in each room.

Small Group Classes - Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones is a special education class designed for students who need special education support but have less intensive needs than a student requiring a daily program.  The students are provided with a classroom program, that addresses their special needs, but prepares them for the demands and expectations of general education kindergarten.
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