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Ventura High School Pathways

Patricia Roberts,  College & Career Counselor

641-5116 ext. 2375


 Systems, Diagnostics, Service & Repair      
 Teacher:  Roman Galli      
 College & Career Seminar  
 Auto Mechanics 1 (Intro to Automotive)  
 Auto Mechanics 2      
 Advanced Automotive Technology ROP/CEC      


 Food Service & Hospitality      
 Teacher: Kayla Hernandez      
 College & Career Seminar  
 Food & Nutrition  
 Food & Hospitality Services      
 Honors Food & Hospitality ROP/CEC      


 Machining & Forming      
 Teacher: Steve Strong      
 College & Career Seminar  
 Intro to Welding & Fabrication  
 Drafting 1 - Dan Nelson      
 Robotics Technology ROP/CEC - Ken Foulks      


 Agricultural Business      
 Teacher: Amy Lewandoski      
 College & Career Seminar  
 Agricultural Biology  
 Applied Agricultural Business: Landscaping ROP/CEC    
 Applied Agricultural Business: Floral ROP/CEC      


 Performing Arts      
 Teacher: Samantha Hazen                                  
 College & Career Seminar  
 Dance & Rhythmics  
 Dance & Rhythmics 2      
 Choreography ROP/CEC      


 Environmental Resources      
 Teacher: Jared McEntyre      
 College & Career Seminar  
 AP Environmental Science  
 Honors Environmental Field Studies ROP/CEC      


 Software & Systems Development      
 Teacher: Wm. Tokar, Linda Bergfeld, David Cody      
 College & Career Seminar  
 AP Computer Science Principles  
 AP Computer Science      
 Robotics Technology ROP/CEC      


 Residential & Commercial Construction
 Teacher: Tim Garcia
 College & Career Seminar

 Wood 1

 Wood 2












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