Dear DATA Families,

Welcome back! I hope that you are all doing well upon receipt of this letter. On behalf of the entire DATA team, let me be the first to share with you that we are all very excited to start this school year with your students on Wednesday, August 25th. As the new principal at DATA, I firmly believe that DATA is an incredible learning community to teach and learn in. Recognized as the district’s first 1-1 middle school with a block schedule, DATA has already set a great foundation and course for its students. Moving forward our goal is to keep all our students connecting, growing and going boldly in the direction of their dreams by engaging them in proven and new programs. We know that last year was very challenging, and we still have to deal with the pandemic, but please know we have been working diligently to ensure that your student and family has a safe, smooth, and engaging school year.


To ensure a safe and smooth return to school, DATA, along with the other secondary schools in our district, will implement the “Days without a backpack” initiative. Started at Foothill Technology a few years ago, we will do this for our first two and a half days of school. The objectives are building community, practicing SEL strategies/activities, and reinforcing our positive school culture.  Although students may bring their backpacks to school, the goal is for students and staff to build relationships first before diving into our subject areas. 


First day of school will be on Wednesday, August 25th beginning at 9:00am with period 1. Both Wednesday, August 25th and Thursday, August 26th will be the Traditional Bell Schedule. Friday, August 27th will be a Traditional Minimum Day Schedule. On Monday, August 30th we will start our Block Schedule. For exact times you can see our 2021-2022 DATA Bell Schedules. For first day support, school counselors and WEB Leaders will be available to help students navigate the campus. 


  • COVID safety procedures- We will continue this year with students being asked to follow all current safety procedures: masks in class, appropriate social distance, self screening at home, and morning drop off/ pick up in the parking lot on the south side of campus. For the most current information please access the district’s website.


  • Transportation- If your student is taking a school bus, routes can be found using the new Traversa Ride 360 app after August 20. More information on bus route information can be found at the district’s Traversa 360 guide by clicking here. You can also download the Traversa 360 app for your device by clicking here for the ITunes app and here for the Google play app.


  • First day schedules/schedule change- Student schedules will be released on Tuesday, August 24th at 5pm in Q. We understand that there might be some schedule adjustments or requests when students receive their schedules. Our counselors will be available for any and all questions before school, during nutrition, lunch, and after school. If your student is requesting a schedule change, parents will be given a paper by their student to be signed and returned by their student. The deadline for schedule adjustments will be September 1st. This year, our counselors will also be presenting district-wide comprehensive school counseling lessons to your students at every grade level, facilitate Student Success Workshops, and continue to support through group and individual counseling.

WIth specific counseling questions please contact your students counselor directly through phone, email or through the parent appointment form located on the DATA school website under school counseling.

  • Basilio Gonzales (A-L) :   Ext. 1011

  • Jenny Durkee (M-Z) :      Ext. 1015

  • Communication formats- To share the great things our DATA students are doing on campus and to stay up to date on events at DATA, please follow us on our social media accounts, check our website, and read our monthly School Counselor Newsletter with important information and dates for upcoming events. We also will be sending weekly counseling guided small lessons to our students through our school’s “Homeroom” Google slide presentation. If there are any questions please call us at 805-641-5165, drop into the office or email the appropriate teacher, counselor or administrator.

We understand the first couple of weeks of school will be an adjustment for everyone. As a result, we will continue prioritizing safety and connecting with students by taking a “crawl, walk, run” approach in regards to procedures for all our students and staff.  With everyone's cooperation, our academic and social emotional missions and objectives will be carried out harmoniously. Let’s continue to practice progress and patience over perfection during this transition. Over the last few years we have worked well together to overcome other difficult situations. I believe we will take this on and see it through with the same level of collaboration, commitment and support as in the past while also engaging the whole child at all levels through enrichment activities, academic rigor, interdisciplinary lessons, and social emotional activities. 

Again, on behalf of the incredible DATA staff, welcome back to school. We wish you all the very best today and always and look forward to seeing you soon. Make it a great day and school year.


DATA Navigators lead the way!


In Service,

Carlos V. Cohen

DATA Principal