Citrus Glen Elementary

9655 Darling Road ::  Ventura, CA ::  93004

Community Involvement

Citrus Glen is fortunate to have a variety of programs operated by the community in support of our school.  For more information, please contact our school office manager at 672-0220 or our District Office at 641-5000.
PTA (Parent Teacher Association):  a volunteer organization that represents parents' interests, raises funds, and organizes school events.  Our PTA sponsors many of our cultural assemblies and programs.
School Site Council:  an advisory group of parents and staff to advise and approve our state and federally funded programs.  
ELAC ( English Learner Advisory Committee):  All parents of English Learner students are eligible to participate on this committee.  The committee meets four times per year in the evening and discuss programs and budgets pertaining to the English learner students.
Partnerships:  with businesses and other organizations are welcome.  We have enjoyed support from many companies in the past and look forward to more in the future.  We believe that community involvement builds strong schools and we invite input and opportunities for cooperation.
In addition to the programs that directly help our school, members of our community also participate in district-wide programs which include:
Superintendent's PAC (Parent Advisory Council):  comprised of a representative from each school site and the superintendent.  The committee discusses issues with the superintendent and is a liaison between schools and the superintendent.
The Ventura Education Partnership:  a non-profit organization that promotes educational excellence in Ventura's schools by raising private funds for public education.