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Cabrillo Library News


NOOKs Are Available For Checkout

Fourteen eReading devices (NOOKs) are available to be checked out from the library as long as the student has signed parent permission of the NOOK Agreement, and has completed the NOOK Orientation (click here) and NOOK Quiz (click here).

Sixty-five classic titles and fifty nonfiction books are available in eBook form in our Destiny catalog.

Not-A-Book-Report Reading Activities

Character Cards: Using index cards make a deck of the main characters from a story. On the blank side, sketch the character and items relevant to that character. On the lined side, write bullet points about the character's personality, strengths/weaknesses, and importance to the story.

Casting the Book: "Cast" the book's main characters from actors and actresses you are familiar with. Include the actors' pictures and explain your casting choices.

Character Chart: Fill in a character chart as you read the story.

Quote Journal: Keep a journal of your favorite quotes/lines by characters or the narrator as you read.

Travel Brochure: Create a colorful brochure for the setting of the story, faithful to the time period. What modes of travel and options for lodging were available?

Book Jacket: Make an original book jacket with illustration, synopsis, and author's bio.

Word List: Keep a list of new, unusual, or interesting words or phrases as you read your book. Include the page number.

Write or video a commercial advertising your book. What are its selling points?

Describe one scene that you remember most from the story. Explain why it remains so clear to you.

Will this book be read 100 years from now? Support your position with specific reasons.

Write an imaginary email to a main character then write that character's reply.

Write a letter to a close friend recommending or discouraging the book. Be specific about your pros and cons.

Describe in detail three characters from the story. List reasons why you would or would not want to hang around with each of these people.

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month Scholastic Book Order forms are available in the library. You can purchase high quality books at great prices through Scholastic. Get your order form at the library desk, or order online using the code J84TH

Academic Rodeo Success

On August 5, 2017 Cabrillo's team of students competed at the Ventura County Fair Academic Rodeo. The team of Michael Magee, Zach Noah, Kai Jenkin, Nikhil Maserang, Megha Chandrashaker, and Keilani Kozen took first place honors! Michael Magee won the Spelling Bee portion of the competition. Each student was awarded a ribbon, a medal, and a check for $100. The team also won $1500 for our school and a beautiful blue ribbon. Come see the massive First Place trophy on display in the library.

Reading Activities & Projects

Remember, do NOT spoil the book for those who have not yet read the book

Book Review

Book Club Letter

Poster Advertising the Book

Video Book Review

Critical Review: Why this book is nominated for awards, should or should not win an award, is considered a "classic", is one of the best books I've ever read, or this book is a waste of my time.

PowerPoint Presentation

Response to Literature

Good Ol' Book Report

Presentation to class or Battle of the Books Club

Comic Strip or Comic Book

Letter to the Author

Letter as One Character to Another in the Book

Book Trailer Video

Research: subject or time period of the book

Compare and Contrast This Book With Another You Have Read