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Transportation Safety Plan

The State of California has enacted legislation that took effect on January 1, 1998 that required the Ventura Unified School District to maintain a Transportation Safety Plan.
The Transportation Safety Plan must be kept at the school site, and may be requested for review by the California Highway Patrol at any time.  


This plan includes procedures for the loading and unloading of pupil passengers, the use of the red light signal system by the school buses, and procedures that the Transportation Services Department will follow in order to insure the safe transportation of school pupils in the Ventura Unified School District.


Please take a few moments to review this plan and familiarize yourself with its contents.  If there are any questions, please contact the Director of Transportation at 641-5000 ext. 1321.


Procedures for a School Bus Accident
The California Vehicle Code defines a School Bus Accident as:


A motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage in excess of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750) or personal injury, on public or private property, and involving a school bus, youth bus, school pupil activity bus, or general public paratransit vehicle with a pupil on board; a collision between a vehicle and any pupil or the bus driver while the pupil or driver is crossing the highway when the school bus flashing red signal (cross-over) lamps are required to be operated pursuant to Section 22112 VC; or injury of a pupil inside the bus as a result of acceleration, deceleration, or other movement of the bus. All school bus accidents shall be investigated by the California Highway Patrol.


The driver shall notify dispatch of their location and inform them that they are involved in a school bus accident.
Dispatch will contact CHP and if any pupils are injured emergency medical personal will be dispatched.
In the event of a school bus accident the school site Principal, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Director of Transportation and Director of Risk Management will be notified.
Parents or guardians of special education students will be notified if their child is involved in a school bus accident.  
Pupils will be released by a  CHP officer.
If any pupils are injured they will be transported to the nearest hospital.

The school site will notify parents or guardians of any injured regular education student.


Safety Instructions, Drills and Presentations
In accordance with the California Vehicle Code, Education Code, and School Board Policy, the Transportation Services Department will provide the following:
1. Prior to the departure on any school activity trip, the driver of the school bus shall give safety instructions, including but not limited to, the location of emergency exits and emergency equipment.
2. At least once each year, all pre-kindergarten through eighth grade pupils who receive home-to-school transportation shall receive safety instruction in proper loading and unloading procedures, including escort by the school bus driver, proper passenger conduct, bus evacuation, and location of emergency equipment.
3. At least once each year, the Transportation Services Department will schedule a mock earthquake drill and dispatch a school bus to each school site to provide communication in the event of the loss of the phone system.



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