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Operations & Dispatch


School Bus Operations
805 641 5000 x 1320
Hours of Operation:  6:00 am - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

Mike McBride


805 641 5000 x 1320

Wendy Stevens


805 641 5000 x 1321


Pam Medina

Safety and Training

805 641 5000 x 1320

Sherry Monje

Sr. Office Asst.

641 5000 x 1324





Dispatch coordinates and mitigates school bus emergencies, accidents, incidents, breakdowns, and "no one home/at stop to receive" Special Education and Kindergarten Students. We are available to provide bus route information to school personnel and parents of transported students.

Dispatch can also help with the following information:
Field trip, activity trip, athletic trip or other trip cost, confirmations, changes, or cancellations.
Special Education pick up and drop of times.
Bus stop location and times.

Reservation, cost and confirmation for district vans and sedans.


Located in the City and County of Ventura, California, the District has approximately 18,000 students attending its 24 schools(17 k-5 elementary, four 6-8 middle schools, three 9-12 high school, one opportunity/continuation school) and one Adult Education Division. The Ventura Unified School District is approximately 165 square miles and is located in the western part of Ventura County. The District extends from the Santa Clara River west to include the entire City of San Buenaventura (Ventura), west to the Santa Barbara County line extending inland to the Los Padres River Valley to include the community of Oak View north to Meiners Oaks. It then extends to the crest of Sulphur Mountain and extends east to and including Aliso Canyon then turns south along Ellsworth Barranca to the Santa Clara River.    



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