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Student Information

Transportation Criteria

The Ventura Unified School District Transportation Department provides student transportation for students who reside further than these distances from their school:

  • Kindergarten – 3rd Grade – ¾ miles
  • 4th – 5th grades – 1 mile
  • 6th – 8th grades – 2 miles
  • 9th – 12th grades – 3 miles


Discipline Process and School Bus Rules


The conduct of students aboard a school bus must be controlled in order to provide safe and efficient transportation. The students aboard a bus are under the authority of the bus driver and directly responsible to the driver. The attached articles are provided for driver guidance in maintaining student discipline.

In the enforcement of student discipline, the drivers should work closely with school administrators. In the event of unresolved problems aboard the bus, after consulting with school administrator, drivers should bring the matter to the attention of the Director of Transportation.

When enforcement of discipline is required, the following steps should be followed:

Discipline Flow Chart

The Driver will issue:

  • At least two verbal warnings.
  • Two written warnings.
  • If the students behavior does not improve the driver will then make a recommendation of denial to the school administrator.

The situations below are serious offenses and are regarded as disorderly conduct. These rules are marked with an asterisk on the Bus Conduct Report to Parents and Bus Rules of Conduct. The Discipline Flow Chart will not be followed; a recommendation to deny transportation will be given.

  • Tampering with bus equipment, i.e., emergency door, brakes, switches or other devices.
  • Intentional destruction of defacing of seats or paneling within the bus.
  • Jumping out of or entering through windows of the bus.
  • Inflicting injury upon other students through the use of physical force. 
  • Degrading, vulgar or profane speech or gestures directed at others.
  • Using physical force upon the driver. Degrading, vulgar or profane speech or gestures directed at the driver.
  • Lighting matches, exploding firecrackers or burning of papers or other material aboard the bus.
  • Smoking or vaping within the school bus.
  • Refusal to remain seated while the bus is in motion, after verbal warnings.

Students found to be in violation may be denied transportation for a period of time.  The school administrator will determine the length of time and notify the parents/guardians. The effective date of denial is the first school day following the issuance of a denial.

On occasion, a school administrator may request a driver to attend a parent conference or a driver may request to attend the parent conference. In either case, arrangements to attend or participate in a parent conference should be coordinated through the Director of Transportation. School administrators should make time and dates of formal conference known to the Director of Transportation.



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