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Harvest of the Month (HOTM)







Studies show that healthy eating and daily physical activity have a profound impact on the body and mind by improving the ability to learn and comprehend, boosting energy, improving school attendance and changing attitudes, behavior and more.  Harvest of the Month provides materials and resources to support healthy food choices through increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as encourage daily physical activity.  It uniquely supports core curricular areas through exploration and study.  Harvest of the Month presents a strategic opportunity to bring together the classroom, cafeteria, home and community to promote a common goal and healthier habits for students, especially those in low resource schools.


The objectives of Harvest of the Month are for students to increase their:

  • access to fruits and vegetables through school meal programs, classrooms, school gardens, farmers' markets, grocery stores, community gardens, etc.
  • preference for selected produce items through classroom activities, such as taste testing, cooking in class and school garden activities, and through menu offerings in the school meals program. 
  •  participation in daily physical activity and understanding of why it is important.
  • knowledge of and familiarity with Ventura County & California a grown fruits and vegetables and the rich agricultural bounty of the county and state.

June Harvest of the Month

Salad Greens



 Click below for Harvest of the Month materials.


Local Produce  


Farmer Profile                 

Crop Newsletters 

PowerPoint Presentation





    Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry



 McGrath Family Farm


 Educator Newsletter

 Family Newsletter (English)

 Family Newsletter (Spanish)


   Pea Presentation



 Blackberry Yogurt Crunch

 Chuy Berry Farms 

 Educator Newsletter

 Family Newsletter (English)

 Family Newsletter (Spanish)






 Salad Greens

 Lettuce Be Different Salad           

 Join the Farm!

Educator Newsletter

Family Newsletter (English)

Family Newsletter (Spanish)


Thank you for supporting Farm to School, Join the Farm!


Every month a local, seasonal fruit and vegetable is featured along with the farmer who grew it.  Students have the opportunity to taste the fresh produce multiple times throughout the month. The more opportunities students have to taste new fruits and vegetables, the more likely they are to choose, request, and eat it.  The produce is served in the farm to school salad bars as a whole food or/and in the featured recipe.  Teachers also facilitate classroom taste tests and cooking lessons, featuring the same produce and recipes. The materials for classroom education are grant funded, and 13 Ventura Unified schools qualify to participate.  If your school doesn't qualify for grant funding, please read the Frequently Asked Questions for information about how to implement Harvest of the Month classroom education at your school site.

Click here for the HOTM 2014-2015 Calendar.


Links to California Content Standards

Harvest of the Month was developed to support educators in teaching students to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits and link to a variety of curricular areas.   The Links highlight how Harvest of the Month supports curricular areas of health, physical education, English/language arts, science, history/social science and mathematics.  Select state-adopted standards are included for kindergarten through grade 12 within each topic area identified in the Educator Newsletters, which are found below. 

Click here for the California Content Standard Links.


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Agenda - May 13, 2020  Minutes    N O N E
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