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Cooking in the Classroom

Cooking in the Classroom is a hands-on, interactive, and Common Core-aligned learning experience for students.  


The goal of incorporating cooking lessons into classroom learning is to teach students how to make healthy, seasonal food choices by exposing them to new foods and ways to prepare them.  Studies have shown that young people who are engaged in a process to grow and prepare fruits and vegetables are better eaters.  Since healthy students are successful students, cooking in the classroom not only supports student wellness, but  also academic success and achievement.  


Cooking in the Classroom definition:  group recipe with an integrated nutrition education component accompanied by a small tasting per student.  Please note that the cooking cart and recipe ingredients cannot be used to provide a meal or supply all materials for class parties.  However, cooking lessons may be used as a component of healthy class celebrations.  


A cooking cart is available for teachers to reserve at the 13 grant-funded schools.  Cooking carts contain small wares and equipment, such as cutting boards, bowls, measuring cups, blender, electric hot plate, etc.,  essential for conducting cooking lessons in the classroom.  For a complete cooking cart  inventory list, check with the school cafeteria manager.  These carts are located in the school cafeteria and must be reserved & signed out before use.  All recipe ingredients must be ordered through Food and Nutrition Services.

Activities, Lessons, and Resources

The following lessons, activities and resources should be utilized in order to conduct healthly, safe, and standards-based cooking lessons.

Tips for Cooking with Kids     Age Appropriate Cooking Tasks     Knife Safety Lesson     

Food Safety Lesson     Food Preparation Guidelines     Common Core Standards Used in Cooking and Tasting Lessons


Educators are strongly encouraged to prepare the Harvest of the Month Recipes with their students.  These recipes, which consist of the featured local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, are served on the salad bar.  If students learn to prepare and taste these recipes in the classroom, students are more likely to try the recipes from the salad bar at lunchtime.  Studies have shown that youth people need to try new foods at least 8 times before enjoying the new flavors, textures, and aromas.  The more opportunities students have to engage with these new foods and recipes, the better!  

Click here for the Recipes!



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