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Welcome to Buena, the best STEM school in the city!  

We are unique in the district, the only school offering “Introduction to Engineering”(taught by a former engineer!) or AP Chemistry.  We have most AP level courses available (Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), and have electives in Marine Biology and two levels of Physiology.  Students are welcome to join our award winning Environmental Club, which is active in re-establishing native habitat on Anacapa Island (recently winning an award for those efforts), and developing sustainable practices here at Buena.Also, our Science League (another unique program) encourages younger students 4-8 grades) through middle and upper elementary school presentations, and through “Family Science Nights”, to pursue science opportunities and to do their best in school.  This group is also developing a program to bring in outside scientists to speak at meetings in addition to the UCSB graduate speakers that currently visit our science classes.  If you’re interested in STEM, preparing yourself or your student for a great future, Buena is the place.