Our Mission

The mission of the counseling department at Buena High school is to deliver a comprehensive counseling program based on the American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) National Model for school counseling.  This comprehensive program provides all students with equitable opportunity for growth in the academic, college and career, and social/emotional domains and encourages the highest level of student achievement using developmentally appropriate curriculum and services.  In partnership with students, families, teachers, administrators, and members of the community, we promote lifelong learning and guide students in becoming responsible, culturally sensitive and productive members of society.

Did you know...
-  We offer 16 AP and 11 Honors courses

-  We have an AVID program

-  We have #21 AVID trained teachers

-  We offer over 70 electives

-  We offer Mock Trial, Science League, ASB and Renaissance
   programs and many more

-  Buena Counselors conduct 3 college nights, a College Celebration day,
   and 2 NCAA presentations yearly

- SAP services include 6 outside community organizations volunteering time at

- Buena offers free tutoring during BARK provided by the A-Team Peer Tutoring 


-  Buena staff represent 13 states, 2 countries, and over 50 colleges/universities
the country

-  Buena H.S. has 25  faculty that are alumni

David Vallejo, M.A.


Ext. 1015

Last names: “A-CEP”                                      

NCAA Advisor

AP Coordinator 

Natasha Hillis, M.A.


Ext. 1023

Last names: “LiO-OLH”                                 

College Night Coordinator
PLAN/PSAT Coordinator

Matt Lazansky



Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Support Groups

Health & Wellness Liaison

Bertha Zaragoza, M.A.


Ext. 1037

Last names: “CEQ-GOL”

EL Coordinator

VC Matriculation Liaison                             

Monica Fierro, M.A.


Ext. 1019

Last names: “OLi-SAM”

Middle School Liaison

Natalie Debbas, M.A.


Ext. 2054

College & Career Center


SAT/ACT/ASVAB Test Administrator

Work Experience

Bridges Program

Shannon Pelmear, M.A.


Ext. 1009

Last names: “GOM-LiN”

Financial Aid

Career and College Night                            

John Beattie, M.A. 


Ext. 1050

Last names: “SAN-Z”

Middle School Liaison 

BARK coordinator

Geneva Vega                                               


Ext. 1021

Office Assistant, Counseling Secretary