Blanche Reynolds Elementary School

  450 Valmore Ave.   Ventura, CA  93003                         

  Phone (805) 289-1817    Fax (805) 289-1814

Features of the Open Classroom Program

·       Fosters a safe and supportive community of students, parents, teachers learning together.
·       Emphasizes critical thinking and real life problems solving  in both social–emotional and academic areas of learning,
·       Develops respectful and  collaborative relationships between parents and teachers to support each student,
·       Frequent use of small group learning,
·       Strives to empower students with academic excellence and social-emotional-life skills,
·       Fosters the development of leadership,  collaboration, self-reliance, cooperative interdependence, and resourcefulness,
·       Curriculum inspired by the students needs and interests,
·       Uses hands-on learning  to support constructivist learning, especially in the arts and sciences.
·       Commitment to hands on arts and sciences
·       We value diverse experience, backgrounds, and ways of learning, 
·       We use project-based learning,
·       Encourages technological literacy,  and use of multi-media for collaborative learning projects,
·       National standards are  integrate with students’ interests,
        Supports multiple learning styles and intelligence's,
·       Motivates learning with multi-age and peer-learning,
·       Emphasizes experiential learning including numerous field trips and campouts,
·       Our curriculum remains responsive to local and global cultures and current events,
·       Provides experiences in environmental stewardship,
·       Encourages social responsibility and community service
·       Encourages awareness of ways to create peace and sustain non-violent ways of life.
·       Open Classroom remains flexible, resourceful, and responsive to best serve its students and their families.