At Homestead you are free to choose from a wide variety of options where books and materials are concerned.  Homestead materials range from traditional texts and workbooks to alternative materials that may be borrowed or copied from our curriculum boxes.   While the grade level guidelines are available, we hope to accommodate each student's interests, learning styles, abilities and goals.

Families and students are encouraged to choose materials from the Homestead library, from their own resources, educational videos and from the Internet. It is not necessary to purchase any of  your own material unless a family desires to do so. 

Field trips are encouraged.   Voluntary Homestead field trips are planned monthly and weekly optional classes are also available.   These classes include writing, math tutoring, cooking, art, clay and science.  If students express a need, the Homestead staff will do their best to find a way to meet it. 

Homestead school supports and encourages experiential learning. Projects based not just on grade level but on the student's interests, are encouraged.  Students are given the opportunity to have a voice and become a partner in the learning process.

Families are given opportunities to come together and network with other families who have also chosen to pursue educating at home.