Contact Information

Homestead School
At Blanche Reynolds Elementary
450 Valmore Avenue
Ventura, CA  93003
(805) 289-1817 ext. 2122


Anne Bemel, Lead Teacher
(805) 289-1817 ext. 2122
Kelly Hatton, Principal
(805) 289-1817


                                                                                                       Anne Bemel, Lead Resource Teacher

Mary Fiske, Resource Teacher

Carylyn Peterkin

Chris Elder, Resource Teacher

  Gwen Olmos, Resource Teacher

Why choose Homestead?

Homestead School is designed to be a helpful resource for families who wish to develop and deliver their child's education at home.   Enrollment is open to students in Grade K-8 in Ventura County.

The focus at Homestead is on educating the whole child, academic, emotional and social.  Teachers and parents collaborate to develop an individual plan so that each student can grow academically and with a feeling of success.  Enjoyment of learning is one of the main goals.  

Each family is assigned a teacher who meets regularly with the parent(s) and student(s).
They meet with their teacher to:

  • plan lessons
  • review work
  • assess individual needs, progress and goals
  • help the student with assignments
  • discuss and check out curriculum
  • discuss upcoming classes and events

The Homestead library, which includes a variety of traditional and alternative curriculum, is free and available to the families to borrow or copy materials.

Each month families receive a calendar of upcoming activities, classes, field trips and school events.  These are optional for students.  They are a good opportunity to socialize with other home schooling students, make friends and benefit from the enriching experiences provided by all our Homestead teachers. 


Students @ Homestead