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We're thrilled to announce the launch of VUSD's brand new Instagram account, with a special focus on our amazing students!  Content for this account will be created by our talented Communications High School Intern Team, working tirelessly to bring you all the latest updates and highlights from across our district. "Our students deserve a platform where their voices can shine, where we can celebrate their achievements, and where they can find important district-wide information," says Marieanne Quiroz, our Communications Director.  In addition to a student focus, information will be shared on this platform that current and prospective families will also informational. We're proud to introduce our team of seven high school student interns, each bringing their unique perspective and energy to showcase the incredible happenings on our campuses.Be sure to follow us on Instagram @SchoolVentura to be a part of the excitement!


Our 23-24 VUSD Communications High School Student Intern Team!

kendall, a VUSD communications intern

 Kendall Nagaoka, ‘24, Buena High School
 Campus Involvement: Swim Team, Captain Girls Water Polo Team, and Athletics Council Event Coordinator
 “I think it is important for students to get involved on campus because no matter what you join, it is like having this whole other family on campus. When I was   a freshman, I did not know anyone; none of my friends were going to Buena. I met my best friend on the first day of practice. It’s not just about sports; it could   be any club or even a class. School isn’t just about academics; it's also about building connections.”




cassius, a vusd communications intern

 Cassius Rankin, ‘26, Ventura High School
 Campus Involvement: Cassius enjoys his time at Ventura High in the Digital Photography, English, and History classes offered. He also participates in film club where he can pursue his interest in film further.

 “I like photography and believe that the job is good for growth and will allow me to start my career in a positive way. I am very excited to be starting on my path to a professional career.”




eve, a vusd communications intern

 Eve Cobos, ‘24, Foothill Tech
 Campus Involvement: Photography student, Previously part of the FTHS Student Art Show
 “I wanted this job because it’s a way to get my photography and artwork out there and to obtain experience in the workforce”







naomi, a vusd communications intern

 Naomi Schwartz, ‘26, Foothill Technology High School
 Campus Involvement: ASB Sophomore Class President, Vice President of the Gardening Club, a part of the GRAFX pathway
 “One of the main reasons I applied to be on the Communications Team was to get work experience and improve my skills in graphic design and photography!”






lizzie, a vusd communications intern

 Elizabeth Okubo, ‘26, El Camino High School
 Campus Involvement: Communications Liaison, Baking Club President, School Site Council Member
 “Something about me is that I’m a firm believer in self-improvement. There are always ways to grow and better yourself as a person!”







henry, a vusd communications intern

 Henry Escobar, ‘27, Buena High School
 Campus Involvement: X Country, Track & Field
 “The most important aspect of becoming successful is to fail, to learn from your mistakes and be better."










connor, a vusd communications intern

 Connor Upham, ‘24, Ventura High School
 Campus Involvement: PTSA Member
“I really wanted this job because it emphasizes communication with others and also introduces us to a new professional field. I think that’s really important at our age.”


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