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alumni Candice Dominguez kissing the Lombardi Trohpy

Candice Dominguez, a 2014 graduate of Ventura High School who participated in track and field and was a cheerleader, has achieved remarkable success in her professional career. Now in her sixth season with the Kansas City Chiefs as the Player Engagement Coordinator, Candice has had the opportunity to celebrate three Super Bowl victories with the team, including kissing the Lombardi Trophy, a moment she cherishes.

After graduating from Ventura High School, Candice pursued higher education, earning her Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Sacramento, and her Master of Arts from the University of Nebraska, where she also competed on the Track and Field teams, earning two conference championships in the High Jump.  She was a Graduate Assistant in Equipment in Olympic Sports at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before joining the Chiefs.  In her current role, she focuses on player’s personal and professional development, financial education, and continuing education.

Reflecting on her time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Candice shared a memorable experience from her early days as an intern. Hosting Coach Reid’s guests during Training Camp, she had the honor of meeting Bill Snyder, legendary Kansas State Football coach, who came in with his son and grandson to practice one day.  A few weeks later, she received a piece of mail.  “It was a handwritten thank you note from Coach Snyder in iconic K-State purple marker.  This Hall of Fame Coach, one of the greatest to do it, took time out of his day to send a brand-new intern a proper thank you.  It is almost five years later and I still cherish that note and the impact it made on me,” stated Candice.

Candice is also appreciative of all of her Ventura Unified teachers, who helped ensure she was prepared for future success. “It’s hard to pick a favorite teacher. I was fortunate to have such wonderful educators, but a few were very influential throughout the years, including Ms. Garmon and Ms. Tygell (Saticoy Elementary), Ms. Taylor (Anacapa Middle School), and Mr. Anderson and Ms. Bergfeld (Ventura High School).” 

Offering advice to students facing challenges with attendance, finding purpose in school, and overcoming mental health issues, Candice encourages them to find their space at school and pursue their passions, emphasizing that they have the opportunity to shape their future selves. “It can be a club, a sport, a teacher, the right group of friends, yearbook, metal shop, or something else entirely. Just having something to look forward to and be passionate about helps. The best part about it all, though, is that you have still have the opportunity to be whoever you want to be in ‘the real world.’ Take advantage of that and make educated decisions now to help your future self,” suggested Candice.

Addressing all students, Candice had this advice, “Take advantage of your ‘student card’ for as long as you have it. People often share their stories, successes, and lessons with students to help guide them. Set up informational interviews with people in positions you want or who work at organizations you want to work for. Learn from their stories and use that to help carve your unique path.”

As for Candice’s future, she loves her current role. “It is a unique space these young men are in managing both high-performance sports and life outside. I plan to further my career in the athlete development space, whether that be for professional or collegiate athletes. That can always change, though, as there are often new and unique roles in sports, and the space is ever-changing.”

We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Candice and all of our other VUSD alumni as they continue to seek out new opportunities for success.


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