Welcome Students! From time to time, during your academic journey from kindergarten through 12th grade, you may need to access a variety of tools either prescribed by teachers or just to augment your current learning. Here on the student portal, you will find helpful links to quickly get to where you want to go.

Student Resources


Student Connection                    Naviance   
 SBAC Practice Test          My 10 Year Plan  
  Typing Training
       Benchmark Universe
 (K-5 Language Arts)
 Moby Max          Pearson Successnet  
Khan Academy          ConnectEd
 School Libraries        Think Central  
 SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)
         Read 180  
VUSD Edmodo          STEMScopes  
 Renaissance Place            
My Resume Builder            
History/Social Science            
Elementary Science            
Google Apps - VUSD            
 Illuminate Online Student Assessments