YOUTH ACTIVITIES @ Pacific High School – An After School ASSET Program

The Federally funded ASSET program at Pacific High School provides opportunities for our school and community to establish or expand activities that focus on:

  1. Improved academic achievement

  2. Enrichment services that reinforce and complement the academic program, and

  3. Family literacy and related educational development services

Youth Activities is an integral part of Pacific High School’s program and engages students in daily learning opportunities that prepare them for college, career, and life.

Academic Support

Students have the opportunity to work with after school staff and college tutors on their Credit Recovery Assignments.  Students may check out chromebooks in the auditorium and our use one of our computer labs.  Students enrolled in homeroom APEX are encouraged to stay after school to continue their progress in this online Credit Recovery coursework. Quarterly Field Trips are taken to colleges and tech schools as a part of our Academic Support program. Students learn the many options available to them upon graduating from PHS. 

Enrichment Opportunities

Pacific High School partners with many community experts in fields such as Art, Physical Fitness, Outdoor Education, Gardening, Cooking, Meditation, Occupational/Work Experience, Cosmetology, Photography, and more. Enrichment opportunities are chosen based on student interest, college and career preparation, and the activities ability to complement activities in the school day.

Field Trips are included in our enrichment program.  Students may attend one adventure trip per quarter, and can earn a second field trip with 30 or more participation hours each quarter.

Family Literacy

Youth Activities promotes and provides literacy support throughout the school year for students and families.

  • Expanded Monday after-noon library/computer lab hours.

  • PIQE classes for families of students at PHS.

  • Daily Credit Recovery help and tutoring by AVID- trained ASSETs tutors

  • Workshops on VUSD Parent Connect system for home-school communication

  • GED (English and Spanish) and ESL classes through Ventura Adult Continuing Education (VACE)

  • ELAC presentations for families

  • Free books and magazines for all PHS students and families to encourage reading for pleasure

Leadership Council

Students demonstrating leadership at PHS and who are participating in 20 or more Youth Activity hours per quarter are invited to join the Youth Activity Council.  This student leadership team meets 1-2 times per month with the After School Coordinator to make program decisions.  This Leadership team also participates in leadership training that culminates into 2 Leadership Retreats per year.  


Youth Activities at Pacific High School will provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for students to pursue academic credit recovery and practice pro-social life skills.  The Youth Activity program will be designed for students, by students, and will enrich the over-all Pacific High School culture and experience.


In Youth Activities, students will receive the academic, technological and emotional resources needed to meet their academic and career goals.  Students will re-engage in their personal learning experience while they pursue their unique interests, explore career opportunities, and socialize in a healthy after school environment


  • Every student can learn.

  • Every student will be given multiple opportunities to make good decisions.

  • We will make shared decisions in the best interest of students utilizing a student leadership team.

  • We will value and celebrate diversity, and treat all people with dignity and respect.

  • We will operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • We will work as a team.

  • We will maintain a working environment that promotes professional growth and excellence.

  • We will celebrate and recognize success, creativity and achievement through a variety of indicators.

  • We will embrace families and the community as partners in education.