Welcome to Montalvo Arts Academy.  Our award-winning two-way immersion program and innovative arts magnet, paired with ongoing professional development, gives us the tools we need to provide an enriched and affirming learning environment for all children.  At Montalvo, we focus on academic rigor and high expectations, preparedness for college and career, as well as student safety. 

We seek to partner with families and the community to strengthen our programs.  Your awareness, understanding, and curiosity of what Montalvo offers helps us to continuously improve.  Being directly involved in your children’s education is supremely important to their success, and is a way for them to see our partnership.  Together, we can ensure an outstanding educational experience for all. 

We wish you and your family a successful school year, and we look forward to seeing you on campus.  Call today to schedule a tour.

Montalvo did not offer competitive athletics as that term is defined in Education Code section 221.9(e) in the 2017-2018 school year.

Parent Testimonials

Amanda V.

Our family chose Montalvo Arts Academy because of the Arts magnet and Two-Way Immersion option.  It is the only 90-10 model. 90-10 means 90% of the classroom instruction is in Spanish and 10% of classroom instruction is in English for Kindergarten and First Graders.  Every year thereafter, the percentages change by 10%. By fifth grade, the ratio is 50% Spanish and 50% English. 

My daughter loves to color, draw and imagine.  Our family is impressed with the arts integration  and how it has has facilitated her learning and compassion for our multicultural world.   One night, I overheard her talking to her little sister about Martin Luther King Jr.  My typically quiet child found passion in her words when she told her sister, “There was a time that people who looked different weren’t allowed to play together, or sit together on the bus, or go to school together. Dr. King changed all that by leading people in a peaceful way.”   The next morning, I saw her portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. hanging in the classroom.  She captured his heroism and bravery with details like Dr. King’s prominent dark suit, mustache, and a serious face.  She is learning and retaining so much through the arts integration. I was touched that my daughter knew the message and details of Dr. King because Montalvo had connected his story through art in a meaningful way for my kindergartner.”    -Amanda V.

Chelsea D.

My son is currently a first grader at Montalvo Arts Academy.  He is incredibly shy and has difficulty with transition so starting Kindergarten was a big adjustment for all of us.  It’s no coincidence that he had the most amazing teacher who embraced and taught him many beautiful things, like expressing himself through art.  Now, he talks with great excitement about school, friends and art.    

He was able to break out of his shell, find his voice through Art and make incredible friends. He even performed in the talent show the past two year (and counting).  My son is so happy and loves his school, and I do too.”

Jade T.

As a staff member and parent at Montalvo, I am incredibly impressed at the level of art skills the kids are demonstrating at our school.  Our small, yet mighty, school is diverse with loving and involved families.  When we come to school every morning, my daughter is greeted by her “besties” with big smiles and warm hugs.   As a parent, I have watched these kids from Kindergarten grow into a family who look out for each other and spend recess imagining and creating on paper. 

As a staff member, I work with dedicated teachers who push for excellence by continuously learning to provide the best possible education and experiences for our children.  My daughter’s thinking is valued, her experiences with technology are blossoming, her reading and math skills are accelerating, but more importantly, she loves her teachers and friends. And she sees herself as an artist.” 

Alex B.

"I have three students at Montalvo Arts Academy.  We have a fourth grader, second grader and Kindergartener.  We chose the school for the Two-Way Immersion program because we strongly believe having bilingual and bi-literate children will help them in the future.

Our fourth grader started Montalvo before the Arts Magnet and loves being able to takes risks with art. My Kinder thinks that school is where he gets to do a lot of art.  My children adore engaging in art and I love to see the kids get their hands dirty and express themselves.  My kids have AMAZING friends and are happy.  I spend my time volunteering in the classroom and for PTA events. Everyone on campus is friendly, helpful and safe.  I couldn’t have asked for a better school for my kids."