Elmhurst Elementary School

 5080 Elmhurst Street :: Ventura, CA  93003

 Phone: 805.289.1860  FAX: 805.289.1865

Elmhurst Vision Statement

The Elmhurst Community is a team of students, teachers, staff, and families that works together and values each student for their unique qualities and diverse backgrounds.  Every student will be given a safe, healthy nurturing environment in which to learn grade level standards.  Intervention programs have been developed for students needing extra support.  We embrace the building of self esteem in each child by advancing respect of self and others.


Free and Reduced Lunch Application - Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Axxess Fundraiser

Help Elmhurst Elementary School's PTA raise money. The Axxess Card Fundraiser is happening. Click on the link below for your order form: