Elmhurst Elementary School

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Mr. Lewis and Elmer at the Dance-a-Thon

Mr. Lewis, Officer McGruff, and Mrs. Lockwood

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Elmhurst Vision Statement

The Elmhurst Community is a team of students, teachers, staff, and families that works together and values each student for their unique qualities and diverse backgrounds.  Every student will be given a safe, healthy nurturing environment in which to learn grade level standards.  Intervention programs have been developed for students needing extra support.  We embrace the building of self esteem in each child by advancing respect of self and others.

Traffic News

Room 11 Traffic Concerns.pdf

Traffic News

Dropping off and picking up after school is always a challenge.  We have implemented a plan to make things safer.

  • Be aware that if you park there before school or at pick up time, you may be blocked in by buses for a short time.  The side lot has been designated as staff parking only.  The side lot is to be used only for staff and our small buses.  DO NOT DROP students off in that lot. 
  • The front curb is for immediate loading and unloading only.  It is a NO PARKING zone during school hours.  If your student is not out front waiting for you please pull away and circle the block. Pull forward as far as you can to allow cars to pull in behind you.  As cars pull away, continue to move up.
  • Under no circumstances should you double park and have students walk between cars.  Remember they are not parked but moving in and out from the curb.  It’s very hard for drivers to see kids moving quickly between cars.
  • Please model safety by using the crosswalks rather than crossing in the middle of the block.  With parents moving in and out from the curb and watching for their students, it’s hard to see pedestrians who are running across the street.
  • The busiest time is 7:50-8:00.  Plan to leave 5-10 minutes earlier and there is not a lot of traffic.
  • After school you may want to park and walk to pick up your child.  It’s a good time to talk with other parents and check in with you students on the way back to the car.
  • Remember breakfast is available each morning between 7:30 – 7:50.  It may save time for you to get your children dressed and bring them to school early for breakfast.

We will have staff and volunteers in front of the school to assist with these procedures.  We appreciate your cooperation.