Schools of Choice (SOC)
  • SOC 2017/18 window for applying is now closed.
  • SOC 2018/19 application window is January 12-26, 2018. 
(Applications will only be available during the application window.)
WHO? Parents/guardians of school age children, who currently reside in the Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) boundary during the SOC window, can apply.  Kindergarten children must be 5 years old by September 1, 2017.  For Transitional Kindergarten information, please contact the Curriculum & Instruction department at 641-5000 ext.1025.
WHEN? Application window opens every January for two weeks.  Please see the Annual Notice for specific dates.  To participate in SOC, submission of application is required for every new incoming child/sibling. 
WHAT? SOC is the process VUSD uses to give parents who reside in Ventura Unified a choice to select a school within VUSD that they feel will most benefit their child (VUSD Board Policy §5116.1).  Schools and programs are identified based on space availability for additional students.  SOC applications are selected for approval through a random and unbiased lottery.  Applications are not selected on a first come, first serve basis.  Upon acceptance of placement at one SOC school, the alternate selection is forfeited.  
HOW? Applications are available at every school site, the Education Service Center, and the VUSD website (  For more information, contact a VUSD principal or Student Support Services, 641-5000 ext.1104.
WHICH SCHOOLS? SOC is limited to schools that are not above enrollment capacity.  "Capacity" can mean physical, grade level, and/or program capacity.  Below is a list of schools that have space availability or magnet schools available through SOC.  Information on all schools is available on our website:  Parents/guardians may check with staff at the following schools for further information before submitting their application:
Magnet Schools:
Schools with Space:
  • For 2018/19 - to be determined