Education Code

Students will not be given any test, questionnaire, survey, or examination, containing questions about personal beliefs/practices in sex, family life, mortality, and religion; unless parent/guardian gives written permission. (E.C. 51513)

Students will not be given a survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals sensitive personal information (i.e., political affiliations or beliefs, mental or psychological problems, sex behavior or attitudes, illegal and social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior, critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondent has close family relationships, legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, religious practices, affiliations or beliefs, or income) without the prior written consent of the parent.  Parents/guardians may inspect surveys created by a third party used to collect personal information. (20 United States Code 1232h)

Senate Bill 71 creates an exception to the above requirement by authorizing the administration of anonymous, voluntary surveys to students questioning health behavior and risks.  A grade 5 parent/guardian signature is required to give "active" consent for students to participate in survey.  After notification of the survey, if a grade 7-12 parent/guardian does not opt his/her student out of participating; the student will participate in survey through "passive" parent/guardian consent.  Parent/guardian have a right to inspect the survey. (E.D. 51938)


California Healthy Kids Survey Results

Used by California schools since 1997, the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) consists of age-appropriate survey instruments for students in grades five, seven, nine, and eleven and is designed in a flexible, modular format that is customizable to meet local district needs. The CHKS is intended for use in planning and evaluating student support programs.


California Healthy Kids Survey Results 2016

School Climate Staff Survey Results 2016


California Healthy Kids Survey Results 2014

California Healthy Kids Survey Results 2012

California Healthy Kids Survey Results 2010


California Healthy Kids Survey 2016

Elementary Module English and Spanish


Middle School Core English

Middle School Supplemental English

Middle School Core Spanish

Middle School Supplemental Spanish


High School Core English

High School Supplemental English

High School Core Spanish

High School Supplemental Spanish


Alternative High School Module English

Alternative High School Module Spanish