Athletic Clearance

Go to:

·           Select California as your state

·           Select Buena High School

·           Select Create An Account

·           Select Parent/Guardian (enter Parent/Guardian information)

·           Make sure you select the correct school year.
               This school year 2017-2018 ends in May. Next school year 2018-2019 starts in the Summer

·           Select + Add A New Athlete (enter athlete info)
               All required information must be entered to move forward- Insurance/Guardian/Emergency

   ·           Select
Register for a Sport

·           Open and Agree to all seven electronic documents

·           Submit both Parent and Student e-signatures

    ·          Upload athlete
Physical Evaluation Clearance form

   If you can’t upload the form online, bring it in to the Athletics Office to complete your registration. 
       Physical forms will NOT be accepted until online registration is complete pending for physical.

New Season/New Sport?  Login and select your new sport. That’s it! 

Call Mrs. Arizaga 805-289-1826 x 1031 or