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Anacapa's TWI Program earns the CABE Seal of Excellence!





Danna Lomax, Kiwanis Teacher of the Month!


6-9-16 Bulletin

Congratulations to Mrs. Lomax’s students for their funded grants! 

We are proud of you! 

Through an argumentative writing assignment 

students investigated how art reflects values. 

Students wrote grants that would support 

their findings and benefit Anacapa.

So far, 8 out of the 14 grants have been funded thanks to Ashoka, 

the Gates Foundation, and Think It Up! Supporters matching donations!

Check out our Islanders Participating in

an Engineering/STEM Challenge in the

Ventura Breeze!












Anacapa Proudly Participates in the HOOPS for HEART educational fundraiser

Vision Statement

The Anacapa School community provides a safe, nurturing, and positive learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential. All students are challenged academically and feel a personal connection to the school. Students are taught to understand the importance of accepting others and to be responsible members of our culturally diverse society. Through example, the Anacapa staff teaches students the positive resolve of maintaining personal integrity. The entire school community takes pride in the reality that, working together, we can succeed and make a difference.

La comunidad de Anacapa provee un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y positivo donde a los estudiantes se les motiva a que alcancen su máximo potencial. Todos los estudiantes son expuestos al desafío académico, y motivados a sentir una conexión personal con la escuela. Se les enseña la importancia de comprender y aceptar a otros con el fin de que lleguen a ser miembros responsables de una sociedad culturalmente diversa. A través del ejemplo, el personal de Anacapa enseña a sus estudiantes a mantener la integridad personal. La entera comunidad escolar se enorgullece en reconocer que trabajando juntos podemos lograr el éxito y establecer la diferencia.