Mr. Klemann's 8th Grade Language Arts & U.S. History Class

Welcome to Mr. Klemann's webpage!  Here you'll find the Weekly Agenda on the calendar, as well as resources for major Language Arts Assignments, U.S. History Resources, the American History Blog Project, and Community Service opportunities.  My goal is to push the reading, creative thinking, and writing abilities that will help students thrive in high school academics.  For those with interest and the will to succeed in Honors English, I will assist in their application and acceptance into the high school honors program. Many of our integrated writing projects will be submitted through student Google accounts and can be found in Google Classroom (, in addition to the links below on this web page.

Email:                Phone:  (805) 289-7900 x2108

To receive REMIND notifications text @klemla to 81010 for Language Arts and @klemus to 81010 for U.S. History

Weekly Agenda Calendar

<< Week 29 of Sunday, July 15, 2018 >>

Language Arts

"Give a person a fish, and they eat for a day.  Teach a person how to fish, and they eat for a lifetime."  Links to Language Arts progress!

Vocabulary Packets

Novel Book Review Form (AR Version)

Novel Analysis (Extended Version)

Handlebars Writing Prompt  ("Handlebars" lyrics)

Poetry & Elements of Style Puzzle

Lyric Analysis Project

Lyric Analysis Response Outline

U.S. History

Links to the American History Blog Project, as well as necessary documents and PowerPoint Jeopardies for U.S. History progress!

U.S. History Puzzles, Answers and Jeopardies

Earth & the American Dream Annotation

Decoding the Declaration of Independence

U.S. Geographical Map

American History Articles & Blog Resources

Community Service